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by 여름나무 May 26. 2022

018. Giving Table SE1 10일의 기록

시즌1을 마무리하며

It is time for me to response to the beauty that has been calling and resonating with my soul.    

It is time to open my eyes and witness the beauty that is hidden under the shadow of every ordinary day.     

It is time to sit and write purposefully, tethering myself to belief that however poor the results, I have something to offer to the world.     

It’s not my responsibility to make my children feel secure in every circumstance.      

But I dare to dream a world where people freely and willingly choose to believe in the existence of God’s art that marks the foundation of everything we are given and are not given.     

And that’s a piece of Garden of Eden where he invites me to govern together, as an image-bearer of him.      

But suddenly, I’ve become the most beautiful woman in the world because my masterpiece believes so. Like my daughter, I also choose to find beauty in my flawed days and worship God for giving me yet another opportunity to live as his masterpiece in this broken world.     

I praise God with all I am for choosing my ugly moments to reveal his glory.     

Only when we live a life of complete dependence on the Father, we are free to be who we are. That’s the graceful irony I’m willing to confine myself to.      

Nothing looks good enough, but the psamlist encourages and empowers me to have faith in the Lord who is the ultimate source of living water that flows to the world through the shape of my soul.      

What full glory does my life labor to reveal?     

Despite all of my weaknesses, flaws, and deficiencies, God has planted this small wish in my soul and has cultivated me to take one small step without me knowing what I’m capable of.           


기빙 테이블 시즌 1을 마무리하며 지난 10일간 씨름했던 나의 단어와 문장을 옮겨 적었다.      

It’s time to / secure / mark / govern / masterpiece / reveal / confine / empower / labor / capable of      


분명 매일을 담은 단어의 그릇이 다른데, 왜 각기 다른 단어에 담긴 나의 짧은 글들이 한 숨결의 기도로 읽히는 것일까. 기록으로 남겨놓지 않았다면 머릿속에서 금방 사라졌을 기도들이, 글로 쌓였다. 나누기 위해 준비한 자리가 오히려 나를 채우는 시간이 되었다. 2022년 5월을 살아가는 내 영혼이 성령님의 인도하심 가운데 어디를 바라보며, 어떤 숨을 쉬고 있는지 점검하는 환기의 시간. 서로에게 주어진 작은 세계에서 믿음의 길을 걸어가는 자매들을 통해 비춰주시는 하나님의 빛으로 채워가는 시간. 이 테이블에서 충전한 따스함으로 몇 주를 살아보려 한다. 다음 시즌에서 만나게 될 기도를 두근거리는 마음으로 기대하며. See you soon!


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