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by 최효석 Jan 17. 2020

Never say "can't"

Recently I hire an English tutor as a part of my goal in this year and we are having very fun and meaningful classes every evening.

As a plentifully experienced professional coach, I'm always surprised by her communication skills. She told me that never learned coaching but uses almost perfect coaching skills such as active-listening, encouragement, recognition, sympathy, agreement, etc.  

In our first class, she told me "never say can't" after I said "I can't speak English well". It was an instant feedback. And then she encouraged me that "You can" like her baby tries first step. Believed and stayed.
It was very simple and easy feedback however surprisingly I can say freely since that moment.

Yes, it was not problem about language. It's about confidence.
I can change immediately by her one short sentence.
After finishing the first class, I reminded the time again and again. I received many professional coaching sessions by many high-paid great coaches but my tutor's class gave me almost equivalent or better experience to feel change.

I had similar experience when I was in coaching class with a head coach from abroad. He asked me "Can you speak English?" but I answered "No, I can't" even though I can honestly. I was not frank at that time. My language skill has not changed. Just my confidence and perspective are changed.

Now I can tell important lessons to my future clients.
I think my English is still imperfect. However I would like to express more and more on public. Because I realized it is good way to improve my skills and achieve my goal.

I hope all my precious friends also will never say "can't" anymore.

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